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‘What’s the Biggest Obstacle In Your Business?”

working womanHi,

Isn’t it a bonus when you can get complimentary tickets to attend an event which will provide you with exceptional value?

As a guest presenter I have been able to secure a limited number of free tickets to Accelerate in Business, 3-day stiletto bootcamp targeted for female entrepreneurs, service professionals and women in business.

At this event you’ll discover the latest tips, strategies on mindset, marketing, audio/video, productivity, product creation and much more.

Note from Lorraine

Hi,   Len Mason

Now that I’m the Team Co-ordinator for my son’s football team, Moorabbin Rams Junior Rugby League Club, I felt it was necessary to upgrade my first aid skills last weekend… and I’m so glad I did.

I’ll definitely be putting these skills to practical use at the next game.

That’s me with Len Mason, National Development Officer for Melbourne Storm Development who ran the course.  I had to grab hold of him before he ran off.  He’s like an energiser bunny.

Heatwave and Bushfires Ravage Australia

Phew!  The weather has been hot!

The Productivity and Profit Homestudy SystemWhat a time for the air conditioner in my car to stop working.

I made a startling discovery this week. dogs can swim!

We’ve taken them to the beach many times but they would never go in the water. All it took was someone to say ‘why don’t you throw the tennis ball into the water?’.  I hadn’t done that before as I thought I’d be the one who had to retrieve it.  Well I was wrong!
Isn’t it silly that it takes a complete stranger to point out the obvious?

How to Turn Your Knowledge Into a Profitable Product

How often do you take for granted the valuable knowledge that you have?

I’m constantly amazed at how the simple things that I know and share with my clients, can be a massive revelation for them.

For instance, Denise has a public relations business. She’s well-known in her industry and receives regular phone calls from other consultants wanting to know how she became so successful.

Up until now she had been spending a lot of time, sharing her knowledge (for free) and receiving nothing in return.

Treat ‘em Right Customer Appreciation Seminars

Business is ramping up at a fast pace and I’ve received an abundance of seminars invitations to attend and also speak at.


Make sure you don’t miss out on the ‘Treat ‘em Right‘ Customer Appreciation events in Melbourne and Sydney next week as it’s vital to look after the clients you already have. 


We’re also experiencing a heatwave in Melbourne. Luckily we get our air conditioning serviced each year prior to Summer.