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Is Your Follow Up Losing You Business?

Following-up is such a simple thing to do yet most business owners and entrepreneurs just can’t get it right.

Some time ago I used the services of a mortgage broker who in the first On Mobile instance was very prompt and appeared very efficient. He was referred to me by someone else I knew who had raved about him because he was so knowledgeable and could get the right type of deal across the line. Unfortunately, being knowledgeable about your products and services isn’t enough to get repeat business or have others successfully refer you.

Are You Responding Quickly Enough To Get the Business?

I don’t know about you, but I get annoyed  when I constantly have to phone or email the same person because they don’t respond to my messages, especially if it’s for products or services that I’m interested in. The impression I form of them can include any or all of the following:

… they’re disorganised

… don’t care

… avoiding me

… not trustworthy (can I believe what they say?)

‘How to Get the Best Results From Meetings’

Some time ago I facilitated a VIP Planning Day for a small accounting practice. During the course of the day we reviewed the progress they had made since Planning Day we had the year before.

As we were reflecting on their achievements before planning the future, one of the partners made the comment on how crucial their weekly meetings were. Originally when I first suggested they have regular weekly meetings, the same partner thought it was a waste of time as he was focused on how much time it cost to have everyone stop work for that hour.

Following Up Increases Your Profits

When do you usually hear from your insurance agent? Usually when the premium is due or when your direct debit bounces…and that’s the phone call I received this call

Do you think he could make a note in his diary to ring me (or get one of his assistants to call) to see how my business is going and let me know about other insurance, which could interest me? That would blow me away. Chances are there is some insurance I may need but don’t even know I need it!