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‘What’s the Biggest Obstacle In Your Business?”

working womanHi,

Isn’t it a bonus when you can get complimentary tickets to attend an event which will provide you with exceptional value?

As a guest presenter I have been able to secure a limited number of free tickets to Accelerate in Business, 3-day stiletto bootcamp targeted for female entrepreneurs, service professionals and women in business.

At this event you’ll discover the latest tips, strategies on mindset, marketing, audio/video, productivity, product creation and much more.

How to Get Your Rear Into Gear For the End of the Financial Year

With the end of the tax year fast approaching, it’s With the end of of the financial year fast approaching, now is an ideal time to focus on your personal affairs. I’m always amazed that so many business owners and entrepreneurs spend most of their time consumed by their business and totally neglect their personal affairs.

houseMany of my clients want to get their business organised yet often admit that their personal affairs are in chaos. They have no systems for handling this most important area. The household paperwork is disorganised… piled up in a corner of the house… somewhere. They have no idea where they spend their money and often have no plan for their financial future.

‘A Note From Lorraine’

check upHi,

Booked my husband into the naturopath for a check-up this week.
Isn’t it funny that the naturopath said exactly what I had been suggesting (telling) Tama for weeks that he needed to get his act together and get his diet and exercise in order. I had great difficulty keeping quiet and saying ‘I told you so!’

Why is it that the people closest to you are often the worst ones to listen to you? It’s interesting how the input of an outside person makes them sit up and take action.

Can You Afford To Be Busy?

Sometimes when I sit down to prepare my weekly ezine that I send to my subscribers I do get “writer’s block”.

Although I keep a file with all my stories and ideas to share with you, there are times that I have so much, that even I don’t even know where to begin.

Do you ever feel that way in your business? So much to do, heaps of ideas but where do you start? Who do you turn to?

Being a business owner it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know which way to turn or what to do.