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Are You Deliberately Being Too Busy?

Mary is a typical small business owner, she keeps herself busy doing the ‘hands on’ work. In her case it is doing beauty treatments and she told me she keeps doing this because she really enjoys it.

Her clients constantly told her how great she was, which made her feel appreciated. However it trapped her into staying ‘on the tools’. Mary had 5 people on her team, and she struggled with letting them handle her clients. She also complained that it was challenging finding competent people. Mary stayed up late most nights working on her business doing the basic administration and ‘trying’ to squeeze some time in for marketing. There was barely any time for her to spend with her husband.

The reality was her self-esteem was constantly being boosted through her clients. At home she didn’t receive the accolades and compliments. She avoided the problems she had in her marriage, that’s why she kept herself busy.
Her unhappiness at home combined with her lack of sleep affected how she ran her business. The ‘people’ problems she was experiencing was directly related to her own unhappiness, poor management skills and her unrealistic expectations of others.

What Mary couldn’t see was that no matter how many stressed womanhours she ‘worked’, nothing was going to change. She was going to continue having staff and relationship issues as well as money and health problems. Until she realises that she is the change that has to happen, her business and her personal life is more than likely going to continue on the same path or get worse.

Take stock of what is really going on. If you’re unhappy with what is happening in your business and/or your personal life, look in the mirror.
Once you recognise it is up to you to change, then write out a list of what you feel needs to improve. Is it your lack of time, getting more help or more quality support, improving your systems or whatever. When you’ve identified these areas then look at who can help you or what do you need to do to get the results you want to achieve, and most importantly…take action!

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