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5 Top Tips to Get Your ‘To Do’ List Done

There are many business owners that no matter how hard they work, they just can’t get enough of the important tasks done. Is your ‘to-do’ list so long that it makes it near impossible to ever finish it?

Do you feel frustrated and totally overwhelmed because you know it is a never-ending battle that you’ll always struggle to overcome? By changing the way you do things, you can accelerate your results and achieve your bigger goals.

Daryl is your typical entrepreneur. He has an idea a minute and can only focus for extremely short blocks of time. You’d be lucky to keep his attention for 5 minutes. Daryl was always ‘gonna’. He was ‘gonna’ do this and ‘gonna’ do that. He had fantastic ideas however they were never ‘gonna’ come to fruition because he couldn’t focus long enough to take the necessary action. All his ideas were spinning around in his head.

If you want to avoid wasting time and getting nowhere then follow these 5 top tips that helped Daryl finally get the important tasks done.

# 1 Write everything down

Every time Daryl had an idea he had to write it down. If it wasn’t a high priority it was filed in his ‘Ideas’ folder.

# 2 Focus on the top 3 Priorities

These were his ‘must-do’s’ for that week. There was no point looking any further ahead than a week as Daryl was an ‘in the moment’ person. Once the top 3 priorities were completed he could then reprioritise his ‘to do’ list and choose the next 3.

# 3 Delegate

Daryl had to identify anything and everything that he could delegate to someone else. He didn’t have employees so it meant he had to pay other people to help him.

# 4 Defer anything that could wait

Tasks on his ‘to do ‘ list that didn’t have to be completed that week were planned in his diary to do at another time.

#5 Blocked time out to do the work

Most people mistakenly keep their ‘to do’ list separate from their diary. They only enter appointments in it and the ‘to-do’ list is somewhere else. Daryl blocked time out in his diary to get the work done.

The Final Word

It’s so easy to waste time and not get ahead. Inefficient systems, personal disorganisation, people problems and a range of other easily rectifiable problems.

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