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How to Get Your Business Organised For Christmas

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Now that the Melbourne Cup Carnival is nearly over, you’ll find the weeks will speed by and before you know it you’ll be sitting down having Christmas Dinner. If you’re unprepared and don’t get your act together early enough, you can find that you can lose golden opportunities to increase business because you’re so stressed out trying to keep up.

Here’s 5 top tips to ensure you make the lead-up to Christmas as productive and stress free as possible:

1. Plan ahead.
Before each day gets hectic, write a list of all your business requirements to ensure smooth-sailing through this time. Some of these ‘to do’s’ will include the tips below.

How to Stop Disorganised People From Wasting Your Time

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Isn’t it frustrating when you have everything planned out and then some disorganised person puts a spanner in the works and what should have been a simple process to complete turns into chaos?

Recently we settled on an investment property. The day prior to settlement everything seemed to be running along smoothly with all the paperwork in order. I had even double-checked with the people concerned to confirm we had everything ready.

What You Must Know to Save Time and Get Paid on Time

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How often do you hear business owners complain that their clients are slow payers?

Before working with me, one of my clients who has a pool building business, told me that they only asked for a 10% deposit at the start of the project and then invoiced the balance at the end of it. The process of building a pool takes weeks! Save Time and Money. In the meantime her company would have to cover wages, equipment and all other costs throughout this time. What often happened at the end, the clients were slow to pay causing them even more financial stress.

The Perils of Procrastination

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How are you progressing with the goals you set yourself this year? Have you made a start and continued on until they have been achieved? Or are you still procrastinating or caught the “I’m too busy” epidemic?

Mary’s Story

When I first met Mary she told me how stressed out she was trying to juggle work and home effectively. She ran her own publishing company employing 5 people. Her business although surviving (just) could have achieved major growth except for one major factor… Mary. She was very disorganised and ran her business that way.

Take Time To Be On Time

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Are you one of those people who always turn up to an appointment on time? Or are you the opposite…always running late, flustered and making excuses as to why you’re late?

I had a recent experience where I was considering selling my house and had called a local real estate agent to provide an appraisal. Gary turned up 5 minutes late with no apology. This behaviour bugged me, especially as it was a first encounter and there was a possibility of doing business.